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Bette K’s New Feet
This foot cream is made from all natural products and odorless. Its main ingredient is liquid lecithin. Lecithin comes from the soybean, a source of the vitamin B complex.
Polyunsaturated oil extracted from the safflower plant to aid in the softening of the skin.
Beeswax and powdered papaya are ingredients used to help penetrate into the skin. All of the ingredients of
Bette K’s New Feet, when combined, becomes an emulsifier used to harden and solidify the ingredients for smoothness of use without becoming unduly oily or sticky. The papaya acts as a tenderizer. Lanolin is added as a softening ingredient.

Bette K’s New Feet is our way of counteracting the effect of natures moisturizer, water. Water is generally hard and causes dryness of the hands, knees, elbows, feet and the rest of the body. With regular use of this product, water begins to react as a softener itself and makes the hardened areas smooth and easy to remove

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